Property Management: How Much Can They Raise the Rent?

The Basics of Property Management from a Rental Owner’s Perspective

The rental property management industry is a very competitive one. It’s important to know the basics of property management from a rental owner’s perspective in order to stay competitive.

A lot of people think that they can manage their own properties and save money by doing so, but this isn’t always the case. There are many aspects to managing a rental property that need to be taken into consideration such as marketing, tenant selection, lease agreements, maintenance and repairs, and more.

The Basics of Rent Controls in the US and Canada

  • Rent controls are a form of government regulation that limits the rent that can be charged for a given property. Rent control is an important tool in the fight against gentrification and homelessness.
  • Rent controls are often used as a measure to address housing affordability, which has become an increasing problem in many cities around the world. Rent controls have been used in Canada since 1965 and in the US since World War II.
  • Rent control is not a perfect solution to affordable housing problems but it can help to slow down gentrification and reduce homelessness rates.

How To Protect Yourself Against Unreasonable Rent Increases

In the United States, landlords can increase rent prices as they see fit. This means that a tenant can be faced with an unreasonable rent increase if the landlord wants to raise the price. Tenants have protections in place to prevent this from happening, but they’re not always enforced.

Tenants have protections in place against unreasonable rent increases, but these are not always enforced. The most common protection is called “rent stabilization” which regulates how much a landlord can charge for a property and how often they can raise it. Rent stabilization is available in New York City and many other cities across the country.

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