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Are you planning to venture into realty investments but are bothered about all the property management hassle, plus maintaining to sustain the stability of the business? 

Well, worry not! Read this article and find out how you can make it all easy – yep, EASY! 


Rental property is often referred to as passive income. However, this type of business is not just simply a “set and forget” kind, where you expect more money to just come rolling in – without doing anything. 

If you are considering managing a rental property yourself or if you will engage with a property management to handle things on your behalf, you’ll want to choose a strategy that keeps your rental business running smoothly in the long run. That’s where property management companies like Orange Realty Group come in. 


Orange Realty Group is a full property management and real estate services company which holds properties throughout the entire Las Vegas Valley, and more! They are a locally owned all-inclusive real estate and property management experts that gained valuable clients for years. Their signed up clients have taken advantage from their knowledge in terms of market trends, cap rates, property values and widespread business networks. They have a remarkable team that is surely one of the best in serving this kind of industry.

Orange Realty Group specializes in both commercial and residential sales as well as real estate investment. It is one of the leading companies that stays on the modern market trends to constantly strive to refine and improve services and processes. They do their best in finding the perfect match for your real estate purchase. A realty company that is committed in providing top level services to owners, tenants, clients and investors with professionalism and integrity. 


Tenant Screening:

It includes advertising the real estate vacancy. Setting up appointments. Verifying information on applications to determine if certain tenants are a good fit.

Lease Agreements

Verifying that lease includes all legal terms required by your state’s landlord tenant law. To make sure the lease is up to date with the most recent version of law.


Signing lease agreements. To make sure that agreement is valid they go over the policy, requirements and regulations. Collecting security deposit and first month’s rent. Walking through new tenants and noting the current condition of the rental unit.

Repair and Maintenance Requests

Responding to requests quickly. Prioritizing the importance of repair..

Rent Collection

Setting due dates. Collecting rent each week or month. Establishing late fees and grace periods. Of course, they also deal with unpaid rent.

Tenants Eviction

Sending tenant legally required notices before eviction. Filing for eviction with the court. Preparing your evidence which supports the reason for eviction.


Verifying that the lease term is actually over. Checking the condition of the rental unit for any damage. Beginning the process to find a new tenant for an apartment.


Orange Realty Group aims to give the finest possible return of investment with the slightest amount of hassle! With a team of responsive staff and agents that can assist in the entire process of real estate investing, from initial speculating and procurement, to full management and even selling. 

People are not born with natural management skills. So perhaps one of the biggest questions to ask yourself when deciding whether to manage yourself or hire an outside company to help you with your investments. If you do decide to hire a property management company to run your rentals, do your due diligence and check Orange Realty Group.

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