Santee Property Management

Santee Property Management

Sunny climate, good schools, small-town friendliness, what more can we ask for in the Santee area? 


Ideally located between the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of the Cleveland National Forest, Santee is considered part of the East County Region, the city is only 18 freeway miles from San Diego’s premier beaches. Which means, as a property owner in Santee, CA you’ll get the benefit of having more and more renters! 

Reason for you to hire the Best Santee property management team in the area – APG Properties.

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All-In Property Management Service in Santee

Rental property is one of the leading providers of passive income. The profit you earn while owning a property and having it for rent is a high regard investment, that’s why it’s always a must for you to choose an all-inclusive property management provider to successfully have your rental business afloat. 


When it comes to Santee, CA rental properties, there isn’t a better team than APG Properties. With long years of real estate experience, they’ve been prominently aiding several clients by offering their property management services. 


APG PROPERTIES is a team of professionals who specialize in a variety of realtor services including residential sales, short sales, foreclosures, residential rehabilitation, VA and FHA buyers, as well as real estate marketing will be on call for the clients to reach out. They’ve been acknowledged as the best property management experts that provide world class management strategies (investment protection, streamline profits etc.) 

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Our Santee, CA Property Management Include


Your rental property will be advertised and marketed immediately upon signing up.

Leasing associates will schedule showings (now virtual showings) of your property 7 days a week to all prospective renters until your rental home is leased.

Rentee prospects are subjected to; credit report, former landlord's reference, employment income, criminal background check or watchlist, or via eviction search through the national eviction database

Once the rental applicant process is approved, we will complete and execute the lease agreement prepared by an attorney and give the residents possession of your rental home.

"Move-In" property inspection will be conducted and you as a property owner will be notified by APG Properties that your property is leased.

Minimum of one month rent and a security deposit equal to one month rent will be collected prior to a tenant moving into the unit


Lease renewal

APG Properties renew the residents lease at least 60 days prior to the termination date of their lease agreement and you can definitely expect the tenant's lease to be renewed at the same or at slightly higher amount of rent with APG Properties.

Advertising and showings of the property for lease will begin in the event that the current tenants are not renewing their lease.

Residents' lease agreement, or re-rent your property to new residents will be renewed, unless APG Properties have been advised otherwise.

Property Inspection

From floorings, wall ceilings, tile fixtures to sinks, APG Properties conduct property inspections on your property smoothly.

Rent Processing and Accounting

If you’re a property owner, expect to receive a monthly computerized report showing all income and expenses of your rental property from APG Properties.

You will also receive a year end summary statement for your tax purposes showing all of your yearly income and expenses and categorizing said income and expenses.

Receive timely payments of your rental income each month or have access to your rental account each month via our website. .

Faster lease ups and less vacancy time, plus your rental home is always “rent-ready”.

Rent Collection

Property Managers are expected to make every effort to collect rents timely and do not ever tolerate delinquent payment of rent.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

Your rental home to be properly maintained and if your property is vacant, we will address items necessary to improve the property’s marketability to prospective renters.

Copies of the original invoices of all repairmen, vendors and tradesmen employed to conduct repairs on your property. .


Communication is an essential element in the success of your rental property. As a manager, you are required to do great lengths to be readily accessible to our residents and property owners..

Whether Single Family Homes, Multi-family, Condominiums, etc. you're having, it is necessary and the best requirement for you to manage a property.

You should be available by phone, fax, and e-mail or directly to your desk.


Santes prides itself with the best area to live with, if you’re seeking for the most affordable and trustworthy property management in Santee, CA – have APG PROPERTIES to stay abreast with any issue or needs that pertains to your property. 

APG PROPERTIES covers everything related and in between renting out your space. From tenant screening to rent collection, everything will set off your plate once signing up with APG PROPERTIES. 

Learn more about APG Properties here. 

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