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Rental Property Inspections: The 4 Most Important Inspections and Why They’re Necessary

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Any of the property management companies in Anaheim will tell you that inspections on a rental property can happen several times a year. A lot goes on during vacancy cycles as well as when the property is occupied.

Why are these inspections so important?

They cement the basis of any property management service, and establish a common ground between a landlord and tenant.

Here are the 4 major rental property inspections that take place during a renting and vacancy cycle:

Clean and safety inspections – This is an inspection that checks for tenant damage, cleanliness and safety —  and happens every 3 months or so. As a landlord, you’ll want this inspection well-documented. And, if any corrections need to be made, there will be a follow-up inspection to ensure the necessary steps have been taken.

Drive-by inspections – Tenants do not need prior notice about this inspection as it is just a “drive by” to look the property over. If problems are identified, the tenants should be notified immediately. Be sure you schedule a clean and safe inspection (see above) within a reasonable length of time to ensure they have complied with your demands.

Move-in inspections – When a new tenant moves into your property, it is common for them to conduct a move-in inspection and have the property management company document it.  This is the time that the tenant can thoroughly look at everything inside and out to determine if any issues need to be addressed. By having the tenant conduct the inspection, they cannot come back on you and say they weren’t aware of the property’s condition when moving in. This will help you know the condition of the property before there is a dispute.

Move-out inspections – This is your chance to determine what condition your property is in (indoors and out) when a tenant is moving out.  When you meet with the tenant to get the keys to the home back, this is the best time to inspect your property.  Obviously, letting them bring the keys to you enables them to deny anything that you find when inspecting the home after they have moved out.  

These four inspections can and will help you to keep your properties in good repair, hopefully well-maintained by your tenants, and protect you when you find yourself in front of a judge defending your security deposit decisions.

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