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Key Reasons You Need Property Management Software

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Collect Rent Online

Online property management software includes a lot of features, many of which include payments. Some use integrations with other providers while others offer in-house payment features. We are excited about the convenience of online payments for your tenants. Not only does it free up time for you, but there will also be a certain level of professionalism, simplicity and scratch card prizes guaranteed to deliver a great customer service experience.

Adding a variety of payments to your rental can help have tenants pay on time, and it can also save you a load of time and hassle. What’s more, you won’t have to miss work by going to the bank every day at the beginning of the month

Automate Notifications

Communication is vital in a healthy tenant-landlord relationship. Fortunately, you can use property management software to make communication considerably easier.Automatic reminders of rent and other deadlines are sent without the tenant lifting a finger.When you receive a message from your tenant and need to respond, most property management software will let you reply with an email, text or notification through an app.

And luckily, these notifications are tracked, so it would be easy to find the evidence in a dispute or eviction.

Automate Bookkeeping

More and more businesses are getting on board with automation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, seasoned veteran or anywhere in between – it saves so much time & effort. It means you can either focus on growing your business or take some time out and enjoy life.And one of the most menial tasks you have to perform again and again as a landlord is bookkeeping: tracking rent, recording expenses, generating your income report.

If a tenant pays online it will be recorded, and if you’ve just been out to Home Depot to buy some supplies, you can take a picture of the receipt and record this in your software. Some property management software will even allow you to connect your bank account directly so that expenses are recorded just as easily as income. Come tax season, your CPA will find you more organized than ever.

Find Better Renters

Tenants are making this place terrible, like really terrible. They put a lot of time and money down the drain, both because they’re not good tenants and because they won’t leave when they’re supposed to. It’s important to find better ones before anyone else. Fortunately, property management software can help us find them fast.Most property management software comes with it tools to both easily advertise your properties to a wide variety of listing platforms (like Zillow,, and Craigslist). With our property management software, you can be sure that you’ll only ever receive high quality inquiries. Additionally, this software also provides screening services which is perfect if you’re not currently screening your tenants. You will find a lot of information about their finances and criminal history in the background checks that you order, which will help avoid placing a renter with poor payment history into your property. Listing, screening, and renting from a single platform makes the entire leasing process that much easier and results in better tenants.

Track Maintenance More Easily

Handing over your personal mobile phone number to your tenants might be an inconvenience for you, but it can also keep requests for maintenance from being missed.And if you manage maintenance personnel, sharing maintenance tickets with them can be a hassle. Property Managemnt software solves both these issues as it almost always includes a maintenance portal.

Tenants can upload descriptions, images, and videos to share their maintenance issue. Once you’ve created your tenant profile, there are a few features that you can use to access it with ease. You will receive notifications on your email or phone, so you don’t need to share your personal info.You Access can also often be forwarded to your maintenance team or to users who are sub-accounts in whatever rental software you’re using. This will give them a direct line and the ability to specify their own notification settings.

Cloud Storage

You may have picked up on this from some of our earlier points, but with cloud storage, it’s possible to access your information and documents from anywhere. The power of this is incredible! If you’ve been in the rental property management business for a sufficiently long amount of time, you may have come across instances where a landlord’s hard-drive crashed, which resulted in all rental and business histories being lost. This is a nightmare if you start receiving IRS mail. (We barely dare to mention “audits”)

Property management software is a must-have for all real estate agents. You can be sure your data will always be safe and you have the freedom to access your information from anywhere!If a tenant asks on the job what they owe, you don’t need to go home to find out – just pull out your phone and enter the information into your property management software business account. You can get an instant answer and manage their tenancy from there.

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