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A Private Property comes with liability and the threat of trespassers, both of which are major concerns for both businesses and landowners. Whether it is your rental home property, business, or backyard, you must be active in preventing intruders from getting on your property. That means protecting your property against people who walk into it inadvertently, as well as those who trespass with the intent to commit vandalism or burglary.

Although signs cannot prevent people from trespassing on your property, they can be used as a warning. Reasons why most property owners or hired property managers put up private property; no trespassing signs as one of the most effective ways to secure a property.


Private Property signs are designed to help both property owners and property management companies enforce property privacy and safety. It is essential to always give tenants the freedom from harm and danger, and entering a clearly marked area against permission constitutes trespassing grounds law-related situations. 


While it seems obvious that one cannot simply walk onto someone’s property without permission, a “no trespassing” sign posted on your property goes a long way in disregarding any claim by trespassers that it was unintended because they did not realize that the area was someone’s property.  

However, it is important to remember that a “No Trespassing” sign will be nothing without some authenticity to back it up.  

Los Angeles for example has an Attorney Referral Service that urges owners to file a “No Trespass Authorization Form”.This form allows police officers to arrest anyone who is trespassing; without it, police officers can only kick loiterers and vagrants off the property, which could potentially lead to a recurring problem. 


Posting “No Trespassing” signs around your property may not be enough, so here are some other helpful tips to make sure those loiterers stay gone for good!

  1. More Lights! 

Exterior lighting deters trespassers and keep your face safe. Most trespassers may hop on your property at night thinking it’s the best way to move since nobody can see them. If they’re trespassing to vandalize or commit crimes, they may think twice if they’re under bright lights. The use of motion sensor lights can go a long way in saving on electricity costs while keeping the property safe.

  1. Higher fence

Helps you keep the good guys in, and the criminals out. Adding a fence around your property can make your tenants feel more secure while keeping trespassers off your property.

  1. Security Cameras

CCTV’s serve a number of different functions.  If there are weird movements, cameras could be enough to keep them at bay. In fact, there is no better answer to how to scare trespassers than to install security cameras.  Needless to say that other than discouraging trespassers, the security camera can also provide the necessary footage in case of an actual event of trespassing.

Always be vigilant, and come prepared. By displaying security cameras and being mindful of safety precautions, your private property will surely have its peace.

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