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Starting 2019 With Great Communication

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Wowza, where does the time go? It seems we were just ringing in the new year… and now here we are into February.

Einstein believed that our perception of time is a relative illusion. In one sense, we agree: society seems to be experiencing the acceleration of all things time-related. So how do we keep up with constant change? Take the speed of modern communications, for example: APG Properties is committed to beginning and ENDING 2019 with a face to the future!


As a form of communication, email has been a great leap forward from writing letters. Instead of waiting for the postman to arrive with snail mail, now we can send our thoughts almost instantly. Well, not really. We would need a really fast internet connection to do that, but our illusion of time makes it seem so!

APG Properties has been using email for years to schedule appointments, successfully resolve maintenance and repair issues, and keep regular communication lines open with rental homeowners and tenants. We will continue to use email as a basic communication resource. But even faster than email, we are now able to communicate effectively by using…


What would we do without our mobile devices? There is more computing power in the average smartphone than in all the computers that put Apollo astronauts on the moon. We shop with smartphones, buy tickets with them, and even use them to find places we could never get to with a paper map.

At APG Properties, we have excellent communication skills and will keep you in the loop regarding your property at any given time, day or night. We use smartphones to text arrival times for appointments, to track progress on repairs, to check financial and real estate market updates and to take and send pictures of the properties we manage. Everyone can be part of the conversation at the same time.

Online Portals

Another form of communication that gives you easy access to all things financial, through our Owner’s Portal we provide reports of all expenses and income relative to your property, as well as monthly cash statements. Instant access to your account lets you keep up with your investment anytime 24/7, 365 days a year. We also provide you with your year-end financial and tax reports so that you can turn them over to your accountant. And of course, all your records are encrypted and secure.


As we stated above, we are beginning 2019 with our face to the future.  APG Properties is all about making 2019 the best one ever for you, for us, and for your tenants.

As Einstein also said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Let’s move forward together.

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