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The Best of Yorba Linda California is a website that provides information about the city and its residents. It covers all aspects of Yorba Linda from the history, to the businesses, and events.

The site was created by a group of residents who wanted to create an online resource for people who lived in or visited the city. They wanted to provide information that was not found on other websites or in other publications.

What is Yorba Linda and Why Should I Visit?

Yorba Linda is a city in Orange County, California. It is one of the safest cities in America and has the lowest crime rate among all others in Orange County. The city was founded in 1869 by General Edward Yorba and his son-in-law Don Bernardo Yorba.

The population of the city is around 97,000 people and it covers an area of about 20 square miles. The city was named after Don Bernardo’s father’s Mexican Rancho Cañada de la Laguna Seca y San Julian that was called “Rancho Yorba.”

The topography of the land ranges from flat to hilly with some steep slopes. The terrain, however, does not affect its climate as it has a Mediterranean climate which includes warm winters and dry summers

Fast Facts about the City of Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda is one of the safest and most livable cities in America. The city was founded in 1869 and has a population of over 100,000 people.

The city has a diverse population with more than 50% being Hispanic or Latino. Yorba Linda has been named as one of the best places to live by CNN Money and US News & World Report.

Yorba Linda’s Unique Culture & History That You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Yorba Linda is a city in Orange County, California. It has a population of about 108,000 people and is located approximately 20 miles southeast of Downtown Los Angeles.

While Yorba Linda is a relatively small city, it has a rich history and culture that distinguishes it from other cities. The city was founded by the Yorba family and was originally named Yorba Linda after them. The name literally translates to “beautiful forest” in Spanish.

This section will provide you with some of the most interesting facts about this unique place that you won’t find anywhere else!

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