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8 Things To Do After Purchasing A Home Property

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So you’ve bought a new house, what’s next? 

First-time buyers will always think that buying a property ends when they already have the titled property on hand. But no, it’s not over yet! You’ve got a lot of things to add on your list, as you still have to move in – of course. And moving in means not just packing your bag from the old house, transfer to the new one and done. You need to prepare extensive homeownership necessities, and a whole lot more. 

If you’re wondering what’s whatnot when it comes to settling in, here’s a complete list of what to do after buying a house. 

Set up your new address – everywhere. 

Even anyone’s pet identity has an address, and when everyone in the family moves out, it’s always common to update records for billing, HR department, creditors, mail, or even holiday cards!

Set up homeowner’s insurance, and others. 

While you’re in the process of mortgage documents, check with your car insurance agent to make sure your new address won’t affect your car insurance terms. If you’d like, add flood insurance for areas that are prone to natural disasters and earthquake insurance if you’ll move to areas like the West Coast. Tip: organize your belongings for your new homeowners’ insurance policy, it’s a neat and tactful idea for home inventory or documentation preference. 

Opt to buy home warranty

Home warranties cover a whole host of things, from air conditioners to plumbing to simply rekeying your house. It’s a good idea for newly moved families or individuals. If something comes up, homeowners can directly call the warranty company, then send somebody to help out. 

Do the cleaning ahead

It’s always less hassle to paint and clean if there’s no blocks or furniture around. Get a thorough cleaning and painting done before you move all your stuff in. Spot areas where you can change style according to yours, it is your turf after all. 

  • Know more about the following, and where it is located:
    • Circuit box
    • Water shut off valve (Main line) 
    • Gas shut off valve 
    • Septic System 
    • Sump Pump (if you have) 
  • Security Access

Make sure to change or reset the locks, garage codes, alarms, and  security codes before moving into your new house. Secure all the extra keys and have extra keys made so you can get in if you’re locked out

Ensure safety 

From water heater, smoke/ carbon monoxide detector to fire extinguishers, always be mindful and double to triple caution for safety. You can also prepare emergency kits for unexpected circumstances. Items like, three day supply of non-perishable food, gallon of water per person per day, battery, first aid kit, flashlight, clothing, etc. are some examples for emergency kits. 

Make maintenance plan

Aside from tidying up, planning or plotting your maintenance schedule should also become a priority. Maintenance like the following should always be attended:

  • Refrigerator 
  • Dryer hose and vent
  • HVAC filters and maintenance
  • Gutters 
  • Water heater

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