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After a day full of tasks, work, and tiredness, you’ll definitely want to have a place where you can rest easy and sleep your night peacefully up til the next day. 

It’s the perfect home you have always wanted, and one of the most essential decisions you are to make in life is finding the best shelter – even if you’re renting. 

If you’re quite confused whether you will lease a place in the Tustin area, or give a shot of staying more in California, then it’s best to clear your thoughts and come up with a concise evaluation. 

In Tustin, there are a lot of apartments to choose from and there are 5 reasons to get one.

  • The rental is cheaper than a house bank loan and offers a lower monthly payment, other financial components such as upkeep and utilities are generally lower because of the space and the overall responsibility of a landlord/owner versus a tenant.
  • Maintenance expenses are lower due to responsibility falling on the landlord/owner
  • Unlike houses, apartments are mostly built with specific amenities such as pools, gyms, convenience stores, and laundry facilities straight on the premises or at the least in very close proximity.  Though you could always have these elements built into your home, the financial responsibility is not as rewarding.  Apartment living can prove to be a very convenient living arrangement. 
  • Some homeowners often invest in a digital form of home security system or another, apartments also invest in the overall safety of their residents.  The proximity of neighbors and typical safety measures prove that multi-unit dwellings are the safest locations for single women, children, families, and the elderly. Apartment proportions are, simply put, convenient. 
  • Apartments have the most  complete amenities. 
  • Other great benefits of apartment living are the social implications of the proximity and connections one develops during their residency.  Although a sense of community exists in both rural and suburban areas, the proximity of apartment life enhances the probability of creating lifelong connections. 


We listed down two best affordable apartments in Tustin that you might consider:

  1. Rancho Tierra

Rancho Tierra is one of spacious, light-filled floor plans that have unique features, like vaulted ceilings, plus generous closet space and covered parking. 

You will have convenient access to award-winning schools plus shopping and dining at The MarketPlace. The apartment also has beautiful interiors that boast large kitchens with granite countertops, lavish closet space with shelving, and a reserved patio or balcony. 

It has 2-3 beds with 2 bathrooms with a price starting at $3,055. They also have ultra-high-speed internet that surely one of the apartment seekers will consider before buying or owning an apartment.

  1. Sierra Vista

Embracing the green aura of Tustin Ranch Golf Club, Sierra Vista Apartment offers an elegant ambiance of country club, infinite facilities, and outstanding views. Spectacular views meet the complete convenience offered at Sierra Vista. You can enjoy the fresh air from your private terrace, they host a gathering in the clubhouse with a full chef’s kitchen, or you can play around at the neighboring Tustin Ranch Golf Club. The apartment is inclusive of 2 beds with 2 bathrooms.

Compared to buying a home, renting an apartment makes great short-term decisions.  Deciding to buy a home is a life-long dream but you have to live someplace while you prepare to make that dream come true.  Whether you are working on credit, saving money or preparing for the obligation of owning a home, an apartment is the best provisional option.

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